August 2016: OVERVIEW


We believe that real life is a battlefield. On a regular basis you can battle yourself with other SHOW ME YOUR SHOES-users to represent your style.

Fight for your sneakers and win the battle!

The idea is simple, yet complex. Here's what you guys have to know about it.

Every month a total of 16 participants will "fight" against each other in the incredible SHOW ME YOUR SHOES-battle. You can either be part of the battle OR support your favourite sneakers by voting.y

It's that easy: You can register to participiate or vote at any time - simply by logging in. The registration is free of charge.



Every month the SHOW ME YOUR SHOES staff will pick 16 exclusive participants out of all registered users. Each selected participant will join the battle with one particular pair of sneakers.

Every selected participant can withdraw within 3 days after receiving the call for battle.



Each battle-round lasts for 5 days. Every logged-in user can vote once per battle.



We'll provide great monthly prizes for the winner of the battle. We'll inform you about the prizes right before each battle starts. The winners will be contacted by Email.



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